The PETNA Foundation funds a number of scholarships to enable outstanding young students to pursue higher education and to set them on a path toward a successful career and future.  Through these scholarships, the Foundation hopes to fuel young people’s dreams, expand their horizons, and support their academic and personal development.  Upon graduation, these young scholars will have gained a strong foundation from which to serve as leaders, innovators and agents of change in their communities.

Nicholas and Janice Brathwaite Award
In 2013, PETNA Founders, Nicholas and Janice Brathwaite established a full scholarship for Grenadian students to complete an undergraduate programme at McMaster University in Canada.  The following individuals received a Nicholas and Janice Brathwaite Award and have gone on to rewarding careers:

Brathwaite Scholarships
Building on the success of the Nicholas and Janice Brathwaite Award, the Brathwaite Scholarships were instituted in 2016, to add to the number of students from Grenada who can complete a degree at McMaster University.  One of the key objectives of the Brathwaite Scholarship is to help individuals who have strong scholastic ability, but who do not have the means, to pursue a high-quality post-secondary education.  The following individuals received a Brathwaite Scholarship in 2016:

  • Ryan deRiggs
  • Corie Bain
  • Solange Dowden Thomas

SPISE Scholars

  • Timara Bubb (2017)
  • Kieran Neath (2016)