SPISE: A Program of the Caribbean Science Foundation


The PETNA Foundation is proud to support the Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE), offered by the Caribbean Science Foundation. This support is in the form of a scholarship awarded to a deserving student in the Caribbean who is passionately interested in science and engineering and wishing to complete an intensive, 4-week summer study program.  Students who gain admission to SPISE are among the top scholars in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in the Caribbean.   SPISE aims to nurture this talent in youth and encourage them to stay in the STEM disciplines and consider science and technology entrepreneurship as a career option and thereby foster future job creation in those fields for the region.


SHINDA Basic School


The PETNA Foundation has provided funds to the SHINDA elementary school in Tanzania to address a number of critical needs and to make possible enhancements that will improve the learning environment for students, facilitate stronger attendance, and allow more students to graduate to secondary school.  Providing chairs and meals for the students, repainting and refurbishing a repurposed container, so it can continue to be used as a classroom, and building a new classroom, are all projects that PETNA has supported at SHINDA Basic School.  PETNA has also funded a critical water project for the school.  Future support will provide further improvements to infrastructure, such as toilet facilities, kitchen, computer room, library and dining hall, all of which will help to advance students’ progress and increase enrollment.


Congo Clinic Initiative


The Congo Clinic Initiative (CCI) aims to establish approximately 80 clinics in the region that will be run by the Covenant Church of the Congo (CEUM), in a fashion that will allow long-term sustainability. The PETNA Foundation has provided financial support to the CCI since 2016, focusing on areas of greatest impact, such as infrastructure, medical supplies, installation of solar lighting and solar refrigeration, accessible and clean water supplies, and trained clinical staff.


St. David’s Track Blazers


In keeping with its focus on youth development, The PETNA Foundation supports programmes that foster the pursuit of athletic excellence as well as academic achievement.  One such program is St. David’s Track Blazers.  St. David’s Track Blazers (SDTB) is a track and field club that has been involved in training and moulding young athletes from a number of secondary schools across Grenada. The program has produced numerous champions of the CARIFTA Games, an annual athletics competition founded by the Caribbean Free Trade Association.


T.A. Marryshow Community College – A Partnership with McMaster University

T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) is the only tertiary educational institution in Granada.   It produces large numbers of graduates each year and, as such, plays a central and critical role in the health of the Grenadian economy. This makes TAMCC important to the primary and secondary school students who will go on to attend TAMCC, as well as the large number of small businesses, industries and institutions that hire TAMCC graduates.

The PETNA Foundation is providing significant support to TAMCC with the goal of making it the top tertiary learning institution in the Caribbean.  Achieving this goal will empower youth in Grenada to pursue and continue higher education, to participate in and shape the labour market and to serve society at large.  This ambitious goal is being advanced in partnership with McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, through its Institute for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (MIIETL), and the Grenadian Government.  McMaster University is one of the top research universities in North America and ranks among the top 100 universities in the world .