A report written by Victor Kimaro

Again, I wanted to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for making it possible to have a clean running water at Shinda School and Sokon I, and really begin making a step toward sustainability and self sufficiency.

The attached report has captured in essence, the summary of the water project effort and in no way a complete account of all the sacrifices and truly a labor of love that went into this project.

So many thanks also to Petna Foundation board for standing in support of the project since inception and throughout its evolution.

I am very convinced that the testimony  of the lives positively impacted by this work will stand the test of time, and will embody the old saying "that in this act, together we are teaching the community to fish and hence feeding them for generations".

May your cups continue to be pressed down and running over!
Best regards,

Shinda School Water Project Final Report