PETNA, in partnership with the Methodist Church, has been financing a homework center in the village of St. Paul's in Grenada.  The purpose of this center is to help students with homework and to supplement classroom instructions.  

This center was set up primarily to help elementary and high school students most of whom come from very poor families with parents who have very limited formal education and are not able to help them with homework or help explain concepts with which they may be struggling.  


Shivani Horsford is one such student.  In addition to supporting her through the Homework Center, we have also provided financial support for her books and other school related expenses.  We have also been supporting her family, directly, with financial contributions and are working to try put together a plan to help the family with housing.  With her recent graduation, she earned the following: 

  • Head Girl 
  • Valedictorian 

Awards Received: 

  • Demonstrating outstanding leadership skills 
  • Outstanding performance in: 
    • Accounts 
    • Office Administration 
    • Information Technology 
    • Math 
    • Food and Nutrition 
    • Integrated Science
  • Integrated Science 
  • Continuous Academic Achievement 
  • Discipline 
  • Deportment 
  • Award of Excellence

We have visited their home.  They live in a dilapidated house with two rooms, no bathroom, no kitchen, no running water and no electricity.   Despite these conditions, Shivani has excelled in high school demonstrating the difference we can and are making.

Her family was also one of the 30 families to whom we supplied about one month's worth of food items that were donated at the Carl Ray show during the South Bay Community Church's mission trip to Grenada last year.

Note also the report on the continuation and expansion of the sewing classes South Bay initiated in that same village.  Again demonstrating that the mission trip was a success and the work we started has continued and is making a difference in the lives of others.