Last summer, The PETNA Foundation forged a special partnership with The Shinda Basic School in Arusha, Tanzania. Our first project was to build a well to provide fresh water to the students and eventually to the surrounding community. Well after a lot of hard work, this project has now come to fruition! Keep reading to hear first hand about this exciting project from our volunteer chief geologist, Sam Brathwaite…

[On August 18-24], I visited Tanzania to install a water well for the Shinda Basic School and Community in Arusha, Tanzania, Africa. The Shinda Village in Tanzania was selected for this project because of a friendship developed between Victor Kimaro (a son of the soil) and some members of The PETNA Foundation.  Victor is a product of the Shinda Basic School and now lives here in California.  He wanted to do something to help the school and his community.

The Shinda Basic School seats approximately 200 students that come from the surrounding community.  The school is small.  It has no running water and the class room windows are broken and in need of repair.  Yet I understand that it is one of the top 10 performing schools in the area.  The school is surrounded by a community in which the average annual income is approximately $1,200 – $2,400 US a year.  Running water in the surrounding community is a scarce resource and many people travel miles in order to fetch water.

After approximately one year of meticulous planning, detailed analysis and negotiations, I visited Tanzania to install the water well.  Today [August 30, 2013] I am happy to report that we have completed the installation of a 200-foot deep well which after testing and disinfection, which is expected to be completed early next week, will provided much needed water to the Shinda Basic School and community.

Because of significant progress made within my first two days in Tanzania (log the 200-foot boring and design the well), I was able to take some time to see the County side in Kilimanjaro, visit Tarangire wildlife national park, Dar es Salaam (Capital of Tanzania) and the island of Zanzibar all within 3 days.

We want to thank Sam, Victor, Set Crawford (project manager), and the rest of the project team for bringing this dream to a reality! Stay tuned for more updates on the well and our future projects with The Shinda Basic School and the community of Arusha.